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Reputation through Reviews

We want them and, in fact, we NEED them... Reviews and preferably positive reviews!  Giving your customers an opportunity to tell their story and help your business shine is a wonderful thing that leads directly to more business.  Reputation management and review promotion is a great way to get noticed, stay on top, learn and grow from customer feedback, and compete in a relationship-driven market.  Glacial Media can set your business up with the tools for success with a review kiosk at your point of sale or point of care, responsive web and mobile feedback options, invitations to review social and sites of value for your business.  We can set you up and keep the reviews current and assist your team in continuing the conversations with customers who took the time to help your business grow.  Our platform GatherUp is a great tool that will change the review process for your business forever.

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Example of your business dashboard and customer prompting for business reviews.

Good reviews start with Great Customer Service, Product, and Support.  Be that business first and everything else will follow!

Make it even easier by offering text back reviews.

No App Download needed just offer a code and the user will receive a easy review link tested to their phone.

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